EGO: Design faucets get prizes and awards in 2020

The EGO tap design wins three times, in this 2020. We are pleased and proud to announce that in 2020 the tap Ego has won three international design awards.

Three important awards that confirm the success of a tapware designed by the creativity of Marco Poletti:

tap ego awards giulini rubinetteria

1. ICONIC Design Awards 2020: Innovative Architecture
2. SBID Awards 2020 - Society of British & International Product Design: Brassware category
3. European Product Design Awards 2020: Honorable Mention

A tap with an exclusive and sustainable design

A concept awarded for its personality and Eco-Sustainable vision of its design created thanks to know-how and the use of advanced technology machinery.
The result of almost sixty years of experience by the Giulini G. Rubinetteria company, the design of Ego tapware line is available in the must-have finishes of the moment: Matt Black and White, Graphite, Matt Nickel, Matt Bronze and Matt Copper.
Further information on the Ego collection can be found in an article dedicated to the strong personality of this tap born from the design of Marco Poletti.

The awards given to the design of the tap Ego

The EGO line of taps is experiencing a truly unique 2020, winning two of the most important design awards in the world and an honorable mention won by competing and competing with hundreds and hundreds of candidate design products. An adventure that bears the signature of Marco Poletti (design) and Giulini G. Rubinetteria (production).

ICONIC Design Awards 2020: Innovative Architecture

tap ego iconic awards 2020 giulini rubinetteria

Ego competed against the best players in the world of taps, German and from other countries, standing out in front of the jury of the ICONIC Awards 2020 and receiving this coveted award from the German Design Council.
The ICONIC Awards: Innovative Architecture reward the best of the best, rated by leading industry experts for technical content and aesthetic creativity.
An international architecture and design competition that honors visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communications from all the branches of architecture, the construction and real estate industry, and the manufacturing industry. At the center: the holistic and coherent presentation of the products.

SBID Awards 2020: Brassware category

tap ego sbid awards 2020 giulini rubinetteria

Giulini G. Rubinetteria with Ego obtained the SBID (Society of British & International Product Design) Award, for the best product in the Brassware 2020 category.
The SBID International Design Awards have established themselves as one of the most prestigious awards on the global design calendar celebrating excellence in a wide range of categories. The SBID Awards for Design Standards attract nominations from around the world and they were the first to be accredited with the GOLD Standard Awards Trust Mark by The Independent Awards Standards Council, which praised the program as being "exemplary in how awards are presented. managed ".

tap ego sbid awards 2020 giulini rubinetteria 2

European Product Design Awards 2020: Honorable Mention

tap ego european product awards 2020 giulini rubinetteria

Along with over a thousand nominations, Ego also competed in the European Product Design Awards 2020 against the best faucet companies in the world, receiving an Honorable Mention from the jury.
The European Product Design Award ™ rewards the strategic thinking and creativity necessary for the conception of an excellent product designed to improve everyday life.

EGO: a design tap, to be absolutely known

To learn more about EGO, a design tap which is followed by a rich line of bathroom furnishing products, you can read or download the release of the launch, or you can consult the section of the Giulini G. Rubinetteria website dedicated to EGO, which is also on Instagram and in this post on Facebook.


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