Ego: collection of Design Taps with strong personality

design by Marco Poletti

Architecture and design express the identity of the space that surrounds us and are in constant harmony.

Ego is the taps’ Collection designed by Marco Poletti for Giulini G. Rubinetteria, that does not just furnishes the bathroom environment but coordinates the space in a higher Design Project. Ego is there and you can see it.

A collection with a strong personality, a game of subtracting volumes in which the spout and the body of tap are formally united in a harmonious way, the result of a high level of know-how in design and
typically Italian production, thought and technology.

1 tap ego matt black giulini

Faucets between sustainability, design, personality

The environment is at the heart of Ego's thoughts, the Eco-Friendly concept takes shape thanks to experience,
The use of innovative machinery and the supply of green energy from the photovoltaic system
of the company itself. A fitting that also promotes responsible use of water, thanks
to the application of the SLIM AIR SSR HONEYCOMB aerator which limits its flow to 5.7 LPM.
Ego is the faucet in balance between design, sustainability and personality.

tap ego matt black giulini

A rich and complete collection of taps

A project full of solutions to furnish the Bathroom. The wide range of models included in this collection offers a wide range of types and finishes to develop a coherent and complete idea, which reflects the tastes and personality of those who will enjoy the Bathroom.
The Ego single-lever mixer, available also in the high-raised washbasin and bidet version, allows you to control temperature and flow with one single hand. Water flow is optimized through a special aerator, maintaining the pleasant sensation of a vigorous and regenerating jet. The same technology is available throughout the whole Ego collection, including the refined wall-mounted single-lever mixer, elegant and functional just like the floor-mounted bath mixer with swivel spout, a masterpiece of Design in bathrooms. Ego meets the whole Wellness range, from rim mounted mixer to shower, with the sculptural column with round shaped shower head and contemporary built-in sets.

6 tap ego matt black giulini

Ego taps, in seven modern finishes.

An "Ego" that imposes its presence and that does not go unnoticed thanks to 7 modern finishes:

  • Polished Chrome, For those who love a clean choice and let product design speak for themselves
  • Matt Black and White, the yin and yang of the bathroom, for matt taps with a sophisticated and trendy touch
  • Graphite, the material finish that evokes an imaginary of natural elements
  • Matt Nickel, Matt Bronze and Matt Copper, for the lovers of metallic reflections and industrial style. Ego is a story where beauty, concrete needs, elegance and refined technical choices of details meet to create the ideal of the Modern Bathroom.
8 tap ego graphite giulini


Read or download here the Press release of the media launch and discover the Awards won by EGO by Rubinetteria GIULINI.